Smashbros Media – February 2015

Smashbros Media is another affiliate company operating within the online casino industry.

So what is one of the things that have made me write about Smashbros Media on the Starlight Finder blog?

The small team behind Smashbros Media operate over 700 online casino websites and have developed their own tools to administrate their large numbers of websites. Some of their websites focus on search engine traffic by targeting keywords like “Svenska spelautomater” and working with popular brands like leovegas casino which has been awarded the best free spins casino year after year.

But what sets the Smashbros Media team apart from other affiliate companies is that the tools they have developed in-house they have made available to the public (so yes even to their competitors).

One of the tools that the fantastic team behind Smahsbros Media have developed is the Google rank tracker AccuRanker and WordPress plugin internal link master which you can find at script marketplaces like CodeCanyon.

I urge all online affiliates to have a serious look at both AccuRanker and internal link master if you want to use the same type of tools as some of the leading affiliates within the extremely competitive online casino industry.

Smashbros Media is a company all online affiliates and affiliate companies should keep a serious eye on.


Helen Hammersmith

DJI – January 2016

My husband bought a drone of the brand DJI for christmas and initially I thought it was a waste of money but just a few days later I completely changed my mind.

The drone my husband had bought was the DJI Phantom 3 Professional which is the latest drone from DJI and the most feature rich drone out of the DJI Phantom 3 line.

So what made me change my mind? Well as of most of my readers know my husband is programmer and he made some changes to the DJI Phantom 3 software which enabled him to remove the 500 meter altitude limit and bring back the waypoint flying feature.

My husband also added a cargo basket to the bottom of his drone. So what did my husband do with these programming edits and the cargo basket?

My husband could now program the drone to fly a route safe from our home to our local Indian restaurant which does not offer delivery but take out service.

We now order via phone and once the food is done we get a call from the restaurant to send the drone and once the drone arrives at their location they load the cargo basket with our food and the drone fly the food back home via the programmed waypoints which we have deemed as a safe route to the drone and our surrounding community.

Lazy and stupid some might say but to me this was brilliant!

And what I wanted to communicate with this article is that the use of drones could possibly be a big positive addition to ambulance and fire department to for example asses emergency’s that might be hard to access or that they do not want to access until they know what they have to expect.


Helen Hammersmith

NLG Media – December 2015

NLG Media is a up and coming casino affiliate company operating in the Dutch market.

I had the pleasure to visit the NLG office this December which is located here in central London and some of the things I saw in their office made a big impression me.

NLG Media operate over 100 Dutch casino affiliate websites which all focus on generating gambling related organic traffic to then pass on to the casino operators who operate in the Dutch market.

One of the things that was so impressive was that network of over 100 Dutch casino affiliate websites are being operated by a team of 2 people with the help of a very sophisticated system but that features a extremely simple interface.

The website system control center which NLG Media has developed features a ton of fantastic services all of them integrated through API connections with the various services.

Some of the services NLG Media has integrated are ahrefs, majesticseo, 6 different hosting plattforms to be able to deploy new hosting accounts immediately, 14 different domain registrars to manage and buy new domains.

The features of the NLG Media website control center however doesn’t stop with the aforementioned features no the list of features is very extensive and impressive.

With a website control system like the one of NLG Media there is no wonder they are quickly becoming one of the largest online casino affiliates within the Dutch Market with websites like targeting keywords like fruitautomaten and working with brands like Amsterdams Casino and mr green.


Helen Hammersmith

Erik Thompson – November 2015

This November the Starlight Finder is a person and no other than developer Erik Thompson from X-TopCoder for his innovative scripts which he offers for sale over at various script marketplaces like CodeCanyon and more.

The scripts that Erik Thompson develop all cater to internet marketers and always combine a big set of tools in one central place to let the internet marketers to work smarter and faster.

Last month Erik sent me his last script which he calls Control X which is a script he has been working on for the past 8 months on. Control X is a dashboard which lets internet marketers to connect their websites to a broad range of good tools which can analyze organic traffic, up time, ppc campaigns and a lot more.

Should you be a internet marketer then I suggest you keep an eye out for Control X which will be up for sale in the next couple of days on the various script marketplaces like CodeCanyon.


Helen Hammersmith

TeliaSonera – October 2015

TeliaSonera is an old work place of mine which I hold very dear. At TeliaSonera I was surrounded by a lot of smart people from all over the world which stimulated everyone to develop their professional skills.

I must say that TeliaSonera was a great work place for me from a self development perspective.

I just read the other day that TeliaSonera will be developing a 2nd black fiber network in central London which will work completely on it’s own to support it’s already existing black fiber network in London.

I am amazed with how much of the TeliaSonera revenues get’s put back in to the company and also at the quality of the services and products that the company put out to people and company’s.

TeliaSonera is well deserved a spot on the Starlight Finder blog.


Helen Hammersmith