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What is Starlight Finder?

For all of you that are new to the Starlight Finder blog please let me introduce you to myself and the blog. First off my name is Helen Hammersmith and I am a software developer and system administrator who has been professionally active since 2002.

tech company’s

I have held senior position at tech company’s like British Telecom, TeliaSonera and Nokia. I am from Norway but currently living in central London since 2009 together with my husband who is also working within the tech industry.

inspiring people

I started the Starlight Finder blog to try and share what I believe to be innovative and inspiring people and company’s with other people to try and push all of us within the tech industry forward.


Starlight Finder is a blog that recognizes people and company’s within the tech industry that either are or have done something extraordinary.


tech industry

our best to work smart.

As all of you know who work within the tech industry you know it is a fast developing industry and we all have to work hard on keeping up with the new developments and to do our best to work smart.


Helen Hammersmith


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