Innovating in a saturated market

Today I would like to talk about innovating in a market that is highly saturated. This is not an easy task to accomplish and not even to describe, so I am going to use an example industry to explain everything that I am talking about in a language that is understandable to newbies in online […]

OGG Information Strategy

Innovations nowadays are just keep growing, especially within the tech industry. Affiliates are moving forward regarding their operation and ranking strategies. In order to keep track on their process, we have to stay focused on new companies within this type of business. After all, Starlight Finder is offering readers a platform with the most reliable […]

Smashbros Media

Smashbros Media is another affiliate company operating within the online casino industry. So what is one of the things that have made me write about Smashbros Media on the Starlight Finder blog? The small team behind Smashbros Media operate over 700 online casino websites and have developed their own tools to administrate their large numbers […]


My husband bought a drone of the brand DJI for christmas and initially I thought it was a waste of money but just a few days later I completely changed my mind. The drone my husband had bought was the DJI Phantom 3 Professional which is the latest drone from DJI and the most feature […]

NLG Media

NLG Media is a up and coming casino affiliate company that offers the best casino bonuses operating in the Dutch market. I had the pleasure to visit the NLG office this December which is located here in central London and some of the things I saw in their office made a big impression me. NLG […]

Erik Thompson

This November the Starlight Finder is a person and no other than developer Erik Thompson from X-TopCoder for his innovative scripts which he offers for sale over at various script marketplaces like CodeCanyon and more. The scripts that Erik Thompson develop all cater to internet marketers and always combine a big set of tools in […]


TeliaSonera is an old work place of mine which I hold very dear. At TeliaSonera I was surrounded by a lot of smart people from all over the world which stimulated everyone to develop their professional skills. I must say that TeliaSonera was a great work place for me from a self development perspective. I […]

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