Marketing Trends

Marketing Trends

Future Affiliate Marketing Trends

If you are one of them who is still following the affiliate marketing strategies of early 2010 then your boat is about to sink. Affiliate marketing trends have changed drastically since then and one should understand that the trends may change but the principle rule of affiliate marketing remains static.
In this blog, we will try to explore a few of the latest trends which have evolved in affiliate marketing recently.

Influencer Marketing is Trending

Influencer marketing is a hot cake nowadays. With the increasing popularity and craze among YouTube and Instagram stars, they are considered as the best source of affiliate marketing. They play the role of affiliate marketer as they capture a large audience base who listens and follow their words. These affiliates collaborate with sellers and product manufacturers to promote and help sell their products. Influencers help the manufacturers to attract the targeted audiences to their products landing web pages.

Mobile Responsive Product Pages

Over the years mobile has taken its place in digital marketing and targeting the right audience to sell the products. Gone are those days when people used to sit in front of their desktops to browse products and purchase their desired items. Nowadays people lack time and prefer shopping on the go which is why smart gadgets like mobile are preferred over conventional desktops and laptops. Hence, it is preferred that the landing pages of your products should be made responsive so that the same open in every portable gadget other than laptops and desktops without any distortion.

Push Traffic to Attract Customers

Attract Customers

Have you ever noticed the notifications which mainly appear on your mobile phones or tablets screen while browsing through the app? Yes, this is one of the latest affiliate marketing trends which the sellers are opting for. Push traffic is generally delivered through instant interactive messages which are built using AI technology. Due to its interactive and push nature, it has resulted in higher conversion rates.

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