Innovating in a saturated market

Today I would like to talk about innovating in a market that is highly saturated. This is not an easy task to accomplish and not even to describe, so I am going to use an example industry to explain everything that I am talking about in a language that is understandable to newbies in online marketing. The market I have chosen is iGaming. I have made this choice because of the high amount of active casinos and the fact that more are popping up every day. Besides that, all casinos have the same tactics to attract and retain players and employees so it’s time to innovate.

Bring back the game in game feature

Back in the day, when gokken online was still relatively new, you could find a lot of games that had tiny games in them for bonus rounds, etc. If an online casino would bring this back in a modern game like Wolf Gold, I am sure this would be an instant hit. The older casino players would become nostalgic about the days when they used to gokken in land based casinos. Whereas the younger players would like it because they thought they’d be getting more game for their money.

Keep it coverted

Nowadays, video platforms online are really popular. What a lot of people, companies and online casinos are not aware of is that many of these offer the option to put a link in the video. This can be used in any type. So imagine a (legally aged) girl performing a dance routine in front of a computer that is open and showing your online casino with a link to it. Or just someone who’s complaining about life or simply talking about their day. With the same online casino open in the background. As if it was left open by mistake. Or the page of Beste Gratis Gokken Gids Informatie can be left open, this offers all kinds of information about free online gambling.

Special news bulletin

People who gokken regularly in online casinos like to stay updated on casino industry news. However, reading all those endless articles is boring. At least, that’s what most players think anyway. So you could start your own news show and go through the highlights in a daily, weekly or monthly episode. You can even call it Beste Gratis Gokken Gids Informatie. A name like this will definitely attract a lot of players as they are always searching for these kind of terms. You can also opt for a more boring or straight forward casino name, but on this blog we are talking about being innovative.

Create your own casino game

It’s true that this has been done before. Some online casinos have worked together will slot providers to create original games just for them. However, none of these casinos have created a game about what it’s like to work at an online casino. Let alone create an entire series of games about it. Especially avid online casino players would love to have a look behind the scenes at their favourite casino and a game like this can provide just that. But the slot machine doesn’t necessarily have to do with the casino life. You can always look at the casino player cookies, see what other interests the players have in common and use that as a topic.

Innovating in a saturated market
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